reverse osmosis for secure supply and good quality of irrigation water

Good irrigation water at the right time is essential for your crops and hence the continuity of your operations. With the Nexus reverse osmosis system, you can be certain of irrigation water of the required quality at all times. The Nexus RO removes salts, minerals and other unwanted substances from the raw water, which can be borehole water, mains water or surface water. The VDEG Nexus RO has a modular design.

Year-round availability of pure irrigation water

Complete removal of salts and chlorides

Suitable for high EC values (up to 30 mS/cm)

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The VDEG Nexus RO is a water treatment system for producing pure irrigation water with a low EC and very little sodium (it can treat brackish water with an EC up to 30 mS/cm). This is important for optimising crop growth and the water can also be circulated for longer before needing to be discharged. Using RO water is also beneficial for the service life of equipment. The Nexus is available in four models: Nexus, Nexus Light, Nexus Mini and Nexus HPRO.

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Nexus (HP)RO


reverse osmosis for secure supply and good quality of irrigation water

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Water scarcity, the sustainability debate and legislation relating to ground water use: these are all topics of great current interest that helped inspire Van der Ende Group to develop the High Performance Reverse Osmosis (HPRO) system. The VDEG Nexus HPRO is a desalination system that uses state-of-the-art technology and therefore requires less input water to produce the required quantity of irrigation water. The HPRO has been completely developed in-house and and can achieve recovery rates up to 95%.

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