VDEG Poseidon

for efficient sodium extraction

The VDEG Poseidon extracts sodium with maximum effectiveness and minimum cost. This allows you to keep control of the sodium content in your drain water, so that it can be re-used for longer. You therefore make savings on drain water and retain expensive nutrients.

Keeps the sodium content under control

Saves on nutrients and water

Winner of GreenTech Award 2018

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Keeping your sodium content under control is essential for achieving optimum crop growth and preventing damage to plants. The Poseidon water treatment system makes it possible to efficiently lower your sodium content, while discharging a minimal quantity of effluent water. As a result, you can not only manage plant growth but also save on water and nutrients. And thanks to the use of activated carbon, the minimal effluent water no longer contains any plant protection products.

You can control the sodium content of drain water

Retains up to 50% of the nutrients

Saves 80% of the water – a higher percentage is possible on request

Integrated pre-filtration can be expanded for disinfection of the drain water


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M051 Poseidon

VDEG Poseidon

for efficient sodium extraction

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How it works

The Poseidon uses three membrane filtration techniques to separate the sodium from the drain water. Membrane filtration is a technique with a great track record for separating elements from water streams. The sodium is held back by the membrane, while water containing nutrients and plant protection products passes through and is re-used. This results in significant cost savings and reduces the environmental impact. The Poseidon is available in three different capacities and – specifically for the Netherlands – is on the approved list of the BZG (Assessment Committee for Water Treatment Systems in Greenhouse Horticulture).