VDEG multimedia filtratie

pre-filtration for a RO system

The VDEG multimedia filter is used for e.g. pre-filtration in reverse osmosis systems, to remove suspended solids from the raw source water. The system can be configured for all situations, depending on the desired capacity, flow speed and filtration grade.

Ideal as pre-treatment of raw water

Configurable filtration grade

Also suitable for standalone applications

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The source water to be treated by a reverse osmosis (RO) system can sometimes contain elements that impede the RO’s optimum operation. A multimedia filter is ideal for reducing the level of suspended solids (turbidity) in water. Suspended solids are small particles, such as silt, clay, grit, organic matter and various micro-organisms. The filtration grade of a multimedia filter depends mainly on the filter media used and the flow speed through the filter. A typical multimedia filter contains three layers of media: anthracite, sand and gravel. In some situations, a multimedia filter provides sufficient treatment of the raw source water to make it suitable for immediate use as irrigation water. 

 The multimedia filter is cleaned automatically, using a number of valves to ‘backwash’ the system. Backwashing at a higher flow speed causes the solid particles to detach from the filter media. Because the space between the granules is expanded, the solid particles can be flushed out of the vessel.

Configurable for different situations

Low maintenance

Can be upscaled

Can be used for stand-alone applications

Ideal as pre-filtration in reverse osmosis systems

VDEG multimedia filtratie

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M058 VDEG Multimediafiltratie

VDEG multimedia filtratie

pre-filtration for a RO system