VDEG Enmix Basic

low-speed mixer

The VDEG Enmix Basic is a stainless steel low-speed agitator mixer that can be used for keeping fluids (or solid fertilisers) in motion in fertiliser tanks or other storage tanks for mixed fluids.

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Fits all mixing containers

Fluids remain perfectly mixed

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The VDEG Enmix Basic is available in one model and consists of a frame, motor with reduction gearbox and shaft with mixer blade. The agitator mixer and mounting frame are made of 304 stainless steel and can be adjusted to fit the dimensions of the mixing container . The VDEG Enmix Basic has a 1-phase (or optional 3-phase) 230 Volt motor and is supplied with a plug, cable and thermal protection. This agitator mixer has low energy consumption and its low speed ensures that no foaming occurs.

Ensures that fluids remain perfectly mixed

Low energy consumption

No foaming

Can also be used for mixing solid fertilisers

Universal stainless steel frame for spans up to 2.5 m

Mixer blade, frame and motor packed separately

Components are easy to combine

Suitable for export

Delivered immediately from stock

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O002 VDEG Enmix Basic

VDEG Enmix Basic

low-speed mixer

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