Industrial cyclone filter

for fine cleaning of coolants

The industrial cyclone filter is ideal for effectively removing solids from coolants. The cyclone has been specially developed for the metal machining industry and can filter particles as small as 20 microns.

Removes solids from coolants

Very fine filtration

Reduces operating costs

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The cyclone filter is compact, suitable for all kinds of materials – from aluminium to cast iron – and has a very fine filtration capability, thanks to the optimised technology and special design. The industrial cyclone filter improves the quality of the coolants and end products, and also reduces operating costs, while the investment costs are relatively low.

High efficiency: 90%

Very fine filtration: 10 - 20 microns

Suitable for removing all kinds of metals, plastics and organic materials

No foaming

Suitable as a pre-filter for high-pressure spindle cooling

Low operating costs, thanks to self-cleaning function

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Industrial cyclone filter

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M006 Industriële cycloonfilter

Industrial cyclone filter

for fine cleaning of coolants