Aquarius RO

compact RO system for osmosis water

The Aquarius is a compact RO system for complete purification of input water and removal of all salts. This helps to ensure a pure production process and prevents build-up of minerals in the coolants.

Prevents stains on products and corrosion

Topping up escape losses with RO water prevents build-up of minerals in your coolants

Optional resin cartridge for production of demi water

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The Aquarius works on the principle of reverse osmosis (RO) and can be connected directly to the mains water. RO water prevents stains on products and is advisable for coolants that are more sensitive to water quality. RO water is also used when surface cleanliness is important, because the minerals in mains water can lead to measurement inaccuracy. The compact  Aquarius RO has a 275-litre buffer tank, so that water can always be used immediately, with a constant temperature and the highest quality.

Compact stand-alone RO system

Includes polypropylene storage tank

Removes hardness and dissolved salts, such as sodium and chloride

Low-maintenance and maintenance-friendly



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M016 Aquarius RO

Aquarius RO

compact RO system for osmosis water