9 Jan, 2024

Van der Ende Group Achieves Premium Partner Status with Danfoss

We are proud to announce that Van der Ende Group, a key player in controllers and industrial solutions, has achieved Premium Partner status as an authorized member of the Danfoss Partner Excellence Program (PEP). This certification highlights Van der Ende Group's longstanding commitment as a primary supplier of Danfoss and Vacon frequency controllers to customers in various sectors, including horticulture, construction/contracting, industry, and (semi) government.

Thanks to years of close collaboration, broad and in-depth technical knowledge among employees, training customers, and maintaining large inventories, Danfoss has awarded Van der Ende Group the highest status within their Partner program.

Van der Ende Group looks forward to further strengthening its partnership with Danfoss and fully utilizing the benefits of the Partner Excellence Program for our customers. As a Premium Partner of Danfoss, we will continue to support our customers with innovative solutions and excellent service.

The Danfoss Partner Excellence Program (PEP) is a comprehensive initiative aimed at fostering collaboration between companies and promoting joint growth. As a Premium Partner, Van der Ende Group will work more closely with Danfoss and benefit from a range of advantages that will further improve business performance and customer service.

The PEP emphasizes the following key aspects:

  1. Joint Growth Planning: As a Premium Partner, Van der Ende Group will benefit from strategic growth planning in collaboration with Danfoss.
  2. Enhanced Marketing Support: The PEP provides Van der Ende Group with access to advanced marketing support from Danfoss. This will help increase the visibility of Danfoss products, such as the Danfoss Vacon and Danfoss VLT, and attract new customers. Additionally, Van der Ende Group will be among the first to introduce new and innovative products, giving customers immediate access.
  3. Recognition: Premium Partner status is the highest level of recognition within the PEP. This means Van der Ende Group will work more closely with Danfoss and provide a higher level of customer service. This strengthens customer confidence in the expertise and quality of Van der Ende Group.

For more information about the Danfoss Partner Excellence Program, please contact our local account manager.