19 Nov, 2018

Van der Ende Group takes over production of Staka vault hatches

Van der Ende Groep takes over production of Staka vault hatches Staka has decided to stop producing aluminium and stainless steel well hatches. From January 2019, standard and customised Staka vault hatches will be produced by Van der Ende Groep. Because Staka now focuses more on its other two production lines – control panel cabinets and roof hatches – it has decided to divest its line of well hatches. The main reasons are lack of sufficient time and capacity to further develop the vault hatches.

Van der Ende Groep’s well equipped Construction department (which has been making top quality products for many years), in combination with an overlap in the market segments where the two companies operate, were compelling arguments for Staka to transfer the production.

Van der Ende has ample knowledge and capacity, and the hatches are also an excellent, complementary addition to the existing product range, which means that Van der Ende Groep will now be able to serve the market for pumps and wells even better. Customers can continue to buy the same Staka well hatches and can expect the same high standards of service and quality to which they are accustomed.

The Construction department of Van der Ende Groep is currently being re-arranged to accommodate more and heavier Staka machines, and will be operational for making the well hatches from December. The first orders can then be delivered from January 2019.

In addition to producing the hatches, Van der Ende Groep’s Projects department can also take care of the complete installation of vault hatches.