11 Apr, 2022

Van der Ende Groep’s new website is now live

The next element in Van der Ende Groep’s development – after moving into the new premises, restructuring the internal organisation, making the first international acquisition and expanding the product portfolio – is the website, which obviously has to keep pace with all the other advances.

Lex van der Ende: ”Several different factors played a part in our choice of developer. In addition to excellent references, we wanted a team of smart young developers who can think out-of-the-box and who would give the right amount of attention to the ‘soft side’: the psychology behind the web design, so to speak. That is crucial. In Dept Agency, we found a partner who fulfilled our wishes. They have worked incredibly hard over the last few months, alongside our own marketing colleagues, to develop a completely new website.”

Van der Ende Groep expects that this new website will help in providing even better service for existing and new customers, on both a national and international level. The choice of international cloud hosting means that the website can be visited from anywhere in the world without any annoying delay, whether the reason for the visit is to select from the range of products or to watch instruction videos.

“We’ve not only made it possible for our customers to navigate through the whole website with just a few clicks, but also made it very easy to ask for price quotations. There was a need for this, and it fits in very well with future developments in the area of digital business. With this website, we’re effectively giving further shape to our online marketing & sales strategy,” says Nicole Schelling.

This advanced, state-of-the-art website represents another important step for Van der Ende Groep in the further development of the family company.