19 Apr, 2022

Van der Ende Groep now also an accredited internship company for university students

The ELBHO (Accreditation of Internship Companies for Higher Education) Foundation has accredited Van der Ende Groep in Maasdijk as an internship company for students from universities of applied sciences and research universities. This accreditation will make it easier for Van der Ende Groep to attract more highly educated interns, because ELBHO-accredited companies are listed in the register used by educational institutions to find internship places. ‘It’s especially interesting for students that we both design our own innovations and manufacture them from start to finish’, says HR Manager Charlotte Baraniak.

The ELBHO Foundation was set up in 2017 to monitor and assure the quality of internship places. The foundation checks internship companies against several criteria, and this accreditation is highly regarded by students, educational institutions and companies. It means that students know they are certain to have a high-quality internship, and they can also rely on an accredited internship company to provide them with good supervision, plenty of facilities and internship pay. Some degree programmes even stipulate that students have to do their internship at an ELBHO-accredited company. Like many other companies, Van der Ende Groep is strongly committed to engaging students’ interest in an internship. ‘We were already accredited for senior secondary vocational education, and we found that this was very helpful in attracting new interns. In recent years we’ve also had some interns at the higher education level. Several of them actually entered employment with us after their internship period. And with this excellent accreditation, we hope to be able to attract even more’, says Charlotte Baraniak on behalf of Van der Ende Groep.

Engineering, sales, marketing and manufacturing

Van der Ende Groep is not focusing on any specific professional fields for recruiting students. Assignments are available for interns in the areas of engineering, sales, marketing and manufacturing. ‘What makes it so interesting for students is that we have all the disciplines under one roof. Everything that we design can be manufactured and tested in our own production hall. Another added value is that we’re a real family company, with the norms and values associated with this. The work atmosphere is informal and professional’, says Marcel Boon, Chief Human Resources Officer of Van der Ende Groep.

Operating in many different sectors

Van der Ende Groep operates in many different sectors: horticulture, construction/contracting, manufacturing industry and the public and semi-public sector. The company develops and manufactures technical products in areas such as water engineering, air handling and filtration technology. It was established in 1985, and since then the number of employees has grown to 120.