2 May, 2019

Van der Ende Groep launches e-brand: e-Meta Intelligence

The overlap between the physical and digital worlds is growing all the time. Developments like robotics, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things are speeding up this process. The 4th industrial revolution is now a fact. “The question is therefore not whether, but more how we should respond to these changes,” says Lex van der Ende, Managing Director of Van der Ende Groep. “As described in our vision, we prefer to approach issues from a non-standard perspective. This is also the case now.”

In addition to the horticulture segment, where Van der Ende Groep operates, we are also seeing a rapid increase in demand for smart products in the other sectors, such as industry, government and construction / contracting. Micha van Nieuwkerk, General Manager of Moor Filtertechniek, a part of Van der Ende Groep: “Several years ago we cautiously started with collecting data from our water treatment products, but now it’s time for us to expand on this.” Which is how the idea of adding an e-brand to the Van der Ende Groep range was born. An e-brand that covers all the Group’s own smart products, named “e-Meta Intelligence”. This represents a big step forward in the digital world for Van der Ende Groep. And to support this development, Van der Ende Groep will be introducing a product with e-Meta Intelligence at the next international GreenTech trade show in Amsterdam.