20 Dec, 2018

Van der Ende Groep becomes premium partner of Dutch Greenhouse Delta (DGD)

Van der Ende Groep becomes premium partner of Dutch Greenhouse Delta (DGD) Van der Ende Groep has joined Dutch Greenhouse Delta (DGD) as a premium partner. This platform was established in 2017 to promote the Dutch horticulture sector worldwide. DGD aims to increase collaboration between businesses to realise large-scale, complex projects and tackle issues relating to food, water and energy in the growing mega-cities. By joining forces, a unique and powerful platform of knowledge and skill is created.

Large clients around the world are demanding integrated solutions for greenhouse horticulture. From technology in construction to management during operation. From A to Z. These companies are seeking certainty in advance for their future business operations, in terms of production level and sales method. Intensive collaboration between specialised Dutch companies makes it possible to achieve these total solutions. The first strategic partnership was recently concluded for the development of an innovation park in Jiashan, the most important economic delta in China.

In addition to Van der Ende Groep, fifteen other greenhouse horticulture suppliers are premium partners of Dutch Greenhouse Delta. There is also close collaboration with the two sector organisations, AVAG and LTO Glaskracht.

Lex van der Ende (Managing Director of Van der Ende Groep): “It’s an excellent initiative, and we’re very pleased to be participating. And following the tradition that the Netherlands is seen worldwide as a specialist in the area of water management, we feel we have everything in-house to play a crucial role here. But not without our loyal partners, of course. When we succeed in breaking down the proverbial ‘Chinese walls’ between our companies and start working together, we’re able to have a real impact on the global challenges in the area of food, energy and water.”