19 May, 2021

Van der Ende Groep achieves international ambition with the acquisition of Quality Pumps & Machines in Belgium

On the 1st of June 2021, Van der Ende Groep will acquire the Belgian company Quality Pumps & Machines (QPM). This acquisition represents an important first step for Van der Ende Groep in achieving its international ambitions.

Van der Ende Groep’s main focus in recent years has been to further professionalise and expand the internal organisation and to establish new strategic partnerships, in keeping with the renewed vision adopted a few years ago. The group has put a great deal of energy into basic matters such as acquisitions (when these can add value to the group), developing its own innovative products, creating a distinctive profile and building a knowledge centre. And now it’s time for the next step in the charted growth path: an international acquisition.

The integration

QPM has both comparable and complementary business, allowing excellent integration within the activities of Van der Ende Groep. QPM’s location is also nearly perfect: close to the seaport of Ghent and surrounded by several greenhouse horticulture areas with ample opportunities for growth.

The full integration of QPM within Van der Ende Groep will take place gradually. The present owner and driving force of QPM, Johan Broekmans, will stay and pass on his knowledge and experience step by step. “I’m absolutely convinced that we’ll very soon be able to reap many synergy benefits. And we see the cultural (and other) differences as enriching the group. We’re going to combine the best of two worlds,” says Lex van der Ende, Managing Director of Van der Ende Groep.

About Quality Pumps & Machines

QPM has achieved strong organic growth since its founding in 2012, and is now a firmly established player in the Belgian market. QPM has an extensive range of submersible pumps and diesel pumps for applications relating to waste water, canals, rivers and locks, and a state-of-the-art rental fleet. The company also has a variety of temporary (emergency) pumps, drainage pumps, waste water pumps and diesel pumps for handling influent, bentonite, sludge and slurry, together with pumps for dewatering construction pits, basements, canals and streams.

For more information about Quality Pumps & Machines, take a look at the website.

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