9 Oct, 2019

Seminar on ‘Better Climate with Closed Screens’ attracts great interest

The ‘Better Climate with Closed Screens’ seminar attracted great interest: around 150 people in total listened to Peter van Weel (independent researcher), Rob van Hulzen and Ferry van der Ende (Van der Ende Groep), Kevin Kuivenhoven (A1 Tuinbouwtechniek) and Tom Markus (Stolze). The main focus was on the Airmix controlled ventilation and circulation system. The first evening was for flower growers and the second for vegetable growers.

Peter van Weel shared his vision of ‘Next Generation Growing’ (in Dutch: Het Nieuwe Telen; also known as ‘Growing by Plant Empowerment’) and supported this narrative with his many years of research on ventilation systems. Rob and Ferry spoke about the general advantages and technical aspects of the Airmix modular system. Kevin explained what installing this system entails for the screen, and Tom Markus discussed the electrical system and control via the climate computer. The evenings were professionally chaired by Rob Veenman.

Several growers contributed by sharing their experiences of using the Airmix system. Aad Vreugdenhil (Kwekerij Vreugdenberg/SV.CO) has found that the Airmix gives savings in both energy and pest control. Ferry Visser (chrysanthemum grower of Visser Chrysanten): ‘With the Airmix, you no longer need to open a gap in the screen.’ Kees Hendriks (cucumber grower of Komkommerkwekerij Kees Hendriks Pijnacker): ‘I can see from the condition of the crop that it works.’ And Corné van Boxel (cucumber grower of Komkommerkwekerij Van Boxel) sees better moisture control in the whole greenhouse.

A characteristic feature of both evenings was the positive atmosphere and enthusiastic responses to the Airmix. All the users were very impressed by the results they achieve with the system and how easy it is to use. Van der Ende Group also took advantage of the occasion to introduce the new Airmix Model G: a model that is attached to the gutter, and therefore eliminates the need to make a hole in the screen.

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