17 Jul, 2023

Operational: The Canadian branch of Van der Ende Group in Kingsville

We are pleased and proud to announce that our Canadian branch in Kingsville, Ontario will be fully operational starting from now on.


"Over the past few months, we have been busy renovating our new facility in Kingsville, Ontario with a team of colleagues. We have used the interior of our main headquarters in Maasdijk as the standard, aiming to create unity and a sense of connection," says Lex van der Ende.

Chris van Staalduinen, CFO of Van der Ende Group, states, "We have also replicated the administrative and financial setup as much as possible. This makes it much easier to assist each other with inquiries, inventory management, and other operational activities."

Sales, Service en Stock

"As mentioned before, we will initially start with the 3-S principle of Sales, Service, and Stock. We will add the other disciplines at a later stage. This way, we can focus on the most important activities," says Brock Herman, General Manager Canada.


Canada is not unfamiliar territory for Van der Ende Group. Both their trade and proprietary products have been exported to this part of the world for years. With the increasing pressure on sustainability and stricter regulations, there is a significant (latent) need for knowledge and expertise in the areas of water and climate. Van der Ende Group is perfectly positioned to meet that demand with their innovative products, specialized knowledge, and years of experience.

Grand opening

The grand opening of the Kingsville branch will take place around the Canadian Greenhouse Conference at the end of September or beginning of October 2023. The exact date will be communicated later this year.