7 Jun, 2022

Inspiring co-created (Airmix) X-AIR by Dalsem & Van der Ende Groep as a semi-closed greenhouse solution

The (Airmix) X-AIR is the latest development for the Semi-Closed Greenhouse, which will outperform all competitors. The (Airmix) X-AIR ensures all the benefits of outside air ventilation, a more homogeneous climate with minimal energy consumption, resulting in the highest yield and quality of crop in the shortest time possible in any climate worldwide.

A few years ago, Van der Ende Group introduced the patented Airmix to the Greenhouse Horticulture market. A solution in which an optimal greenhouse climate can be realized in an innovative way. With Airmix, the greenhouse air can be ventilated and dehumidified in a controlled manner. This innovation has not gone unnoticed. Various growers, both nationally and internationally, have installed Airmix, and the concept has also been embraced by Dalsem – Complete Greenhouse Projects.

Dalsem X-AIR Semi-Closed Greenhouse Solution

The Dalsem X-AIR uses the proven Airmix as base and has smartly improved the design connecting an inlet-duct to the glass roof panel to mix the required amount of outside air or air from above the screens into the greenhouse. The X-AIR Ventilator System (patent pending Dalsem) is an essential part of the Dalsem X-AIR Semi-Closed Greenhouse Solution. The X-AIR can be expanded modularly with coolers, CO₂ supply and/or humidifiers. No resources are wasted, water is re-used and energy consumption is kept to a minimum. The Dalsem X-AIR Semi-Closed Greenhouse Solution is the perfect symbiosis of knowledge, technology and data control for your generation X Semi-Closed Greenhouse.

Improved design by Dalsem

A duct with mechanical valve system enables to switch between ventilation with outside air or above screen air and is fully integrated in the greenhouse cover. This X-AIR allows the use of single or double screen systems without limitations on opening and closing. Mixing the correct quantities of different outside air or above screen air with greenhouse air, the Dalsem X-AIR creates a homogeneous climate to stimulate maximum growth according to the Plant Empowerment Principles.

Van der Ende Group Airmix X-AIR Semi-Closed Greenhouse Solution

The Dalsem X-AIR is applicable with newly build Dalsem greenhouses. This has led to Van der Ende Group taking up the proverbial baton again and further developing the X-AIR into a solution that is universally applicable. This Airmix X-AIR can therefore be installed in all Venlo greenhouses from any manufacturer. Van der Ende Group also works with a decentralized physical control, where each individual Airmix X-AIR can be controlled independently of each other. The advantage of this is that the Airmix X-AIR solution can be installed in both new and existing buildings and transforming a traditional greenhouse into a semi-closed greenhouse.

Micha van Nieuwkerk (CCO van der Ende Group) says: “Dalsem has further developed the Airmix concept into the X-AIR Semi-Closed Greenhouse Solution. The X-AIR is an innovative solution that offers the possibility to realize a semi-closed greenhouse principle while using the Airmix basic technology. The X-AIR functionality ensures that outside air can also be drawn in. Combined with a data-driven growth strategy, this introduces a new dimension for growing in a modern semi-closed greenhouse”. This innovation is an essential part of an energy-efficient climate control system.

The (Airmix) X-AIR is therefore a unique co-creation between two innovative companies that follow different paths from the same basic concept. Together we now offer a cost-effective proposition with use of the semi-closed greenhouse principle available for existing and all new greenhouse projects to be build in a sustainable way.