14 Feb, 2023

Brock Herman General Manager Van der Ende Group, Canada

With the nomination of Brock Herman, Van der Ende Group Canada has its desired General Manager on board. Brock is no stranger to the horticultural sector and, in addition to years of experience, he also has a large network.

“It all happened very fast”, says Marcel Boon Chief HR Officer at Van der Ende Group. “After we distributed the press release that we were moving to the Kingsville Ontario area, we received in the following days’ several open applications. One of them belonged to Brock Herman. Looking at his resume, he was an interesting candidate in advance. And after the first and second round of job interviews, we knew for sure; this will be our candidate!”

Brock Herman

Brock is happily married and the proud father of 3 children. He brings with him over 10 years of experience in the greenhouse sector, with knowledge in the electrical, controls, irrigation, and climate sectors of the greenhouse industry to name a few. He will also bring local service and know-how to the area being located in southwestern Ontario himself.

Onboarding Program

At the time of writing this press release, Brock is following an extensive onboarding program in Maasdijk, the Netherlands. In this intensive three-week period, Brock will get to know all horticulture-related Van der Ende Group products and systems, such as the Kathari ultrafiltration and the Nexus High Performance RO in the field of water solutions, Verti-Fan, Airmix, and Airmix X-AIR in the field of climate solutions and Lowara pumps and Danfoss drives in the field of pump solutions. In addition, another important aspect of the onboarding process is getting to know the DNA of Van der Ende Group. The characteristics of this DNA are quality, innovative, customer-oriented, knowledge, and reliability. And the last aspect during the onboarding program is about the feeling and behavior that belongs to our family business. A good balance between a formal and informal culture and lots of real attention for the most important value, the employees.

Facility Kingsville

Lex van der Ende: “In the coming months, the facility in Kingsville will be renovated and furnished in accordance with the Van der Ende Group standard. We will start with the 3-S principle of Sales, Service, and Stock and the other disciplines will be added in the future”.

Canada is not an unknown territory for Van der Ende Group. Our (own) products have been exported to this part of the world for years. “With the increasing pressure on sustainability, rising energy prices, and ever stricter legislation, there is a huge (latent) need for knowledge and expertise around the themes of water and climate. With our innovative products and experience, we can perfectly meet that need,” says Micha van Nieuwkerk, CCO of Van der Ende Group.

For more information about Van der Ende Group Canada, please contact Brock Herman by email: bh@vanderendegroup.com.