Lowara Multi-Voltage motors

Specially for Van der Ende Group, Lowara has included motors with cUЯus certification in its product range. These are the motors for the e-SH, e-NSC, CO, CEA, SHO, e-LNE, e-HM and e-SV pumps. Please note: only 2-pole (≤22 kW) and 4-pole (≥ 1.1 kW and ≤15 kW) motors.

This means not only that the motors are available for the North American market on request (cUЯus), but also that (for 60 Hz) we cover almost the whole 60 Hz world with two motors: 3 × 575/600V and a multi-voltage motor: 3 × 208-230 + 400-480V (specially developed for us).

As a result of better insulation, this multi-voltage motor has a wider voltage range. With the 9-pin connector, the motor can be used for both a low voltage (208-230) and a high voltage. See the wiring diagram in the appendix. The normal voltage tolerance of 10% naturally still applies for the motors.