You opt for a Grindex pump when you are in search of an extremely strong and reliable pump for pumping medium with abrasive parts that is still lightweight despite the wear-resistant and high-quality materials.

Grindex handbook 50/60 Hz

As the exclusive dealer in the Netherlands, we sell, repair, and maintain Grindex pumps and also provide various accessories such as discharge hoses, couplings, etc., so the pump can be immediately put to use. With a stock of pumps, couplings, hose sets and spare parts, we can serve our customers at all times.

Grindex operates globally in the field of electric submersible pumps for demanding applications such as construction, mining and other demanding industries.

These rock-solid pumps are known for their high reliability and durability thanks to the use of high-quality wear-resistant materials and patented protections, such as the built-in Grindex SMART motor protection and the air valve that ensures the pumps can run dry without problems, eliminating the need for a (vulnerable) control box to operate the pumps.

With more than 50 years of experience and exports to over 100 countries worldwide. Grindex continuously focuses on improving and innovating its products with the professional end customer in mind, who expects nothing less than a top-quality product.

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