high performance reverse osmosis for process water at minimum cost

The VDEG Nexus High Performance Reverse Osmosis (HPRO) is a state-of-the-art water treatment system that very efficiently removes ballast substances, such as salts and minerals. The use of intelligent technologies means that the Nexus HPRO needs less raw water for the same quantity of production water, compared with a standard RO system, and can achieve a recovery rate up to 95%!

Recovery rates up to 95%

Less water consumption

Winner of GreenTech Award 2020

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The Nexus HPRO is an ideal technique for creating high-quality process water, boiler feed water or carwash water at the lowest possible cost. If you have to pay for untreated water, the Nexus HPRO will very soon have paid for itself. Thanks to the extremely high recovery rate and the low consumption of energy and materials, the HPRO contributes to corporate social responsibility. Like the standard Nexus RO, the HPRO is a modular reverse osmosis system that can process different kinds of input water, such as borehole water, mains water or even surface water, to make pure production water. The Nexus HPRO efficiently removes salts, minerals and all other unwanted elements from the water. The Nexus HPRO is a maintenance-friendly system with low operating costs and favourable investment costs.

Recovery rates up to 95%

Suitable for input water with EC of max. 3 mS/cm

Lower energy consumption than conventional RO systems

Modular design

Capacity from 2 m³/h to 8

Contributes to CSR goals

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Nexus (HP)RO


high performance reverse osmosis for process water at minimum cost

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