Selwood D75

drainage pomp

The Selwood D75 is a cast iron drainage pump, able to transfer large volumes with high efficiency. It is perfect for use with clear water or water containing fine solids.

Suitable for water containing fine solids

High efficiency

Selprime® pumps

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The Selwood D75 centrifugal pump can transfer up to 59 m³/h with high efficiency. The mobile pump sets feature water-tolerant Selprime® pumps with emission-compliant (diesel) motors. The pumps are robust, stackable and easy to operate and maintain.

Suitable for abrasive parts


up to 59 m³/h


up to 23,5 mwc


from 1000 up to 2000

Maximum suction height:

8,8 m

Suction and pressure end:

DN80 (flange PN16)

Matrial pump body and impeller:

cast iron

Material shaft seal:




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Selwood D75

Selwood D75

drainage pomp

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