Flojet diaphragm pumps

air-driven diaphragm pumps

The Flojet diaphragm pumps are air-driven pumps made of polypropylene, celcon and nylon, which can run dry for extended periods and are self-priming.


Can run dry for extended periods without damage

Compact design

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The Flojet diaphragm pump G57 and N5100 series are air-powered membrane pumps from Flojet, a part of Xylem Inc. Flojet provides pumps for various sectors including agriculture, industry, automotive, and machine construction.


from 1 up to 37,8 l/min


up to 69 mwc

Liquid temperature:

from 0 °C up to 48,9 °C



Material pump body:

glass fiber reinforced PP

Material impeller:

Viton® FPM or Santoprene


Viton® FPM and EPDM

Data sheet G57 series

Model number table G57 series

Installation manual G57 series

Product features and specs N5100 series

Installation and operation manual N51X0 series


Flojet diaphragm pumps

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P086 Flojet Diafragmapompen (Lucht Aangedreven)

Flojet diaphragm pumps

air-driven diaphragm pumps