Extraction arm

for fast, easy and safe extraction of dust and fumes

Van der Ende Group’s extraction arm is the perfect solution for extracting gases and fumes in both dry and wet applications. The external pantograph hinges mean that the arms are easy to move, yet extremely stable and ideal for intensive use in dry and wet applications.

Perfect for extracting gases and fumes

East to move and stable

Suitable for both dry and wet applications

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The extraction arm is easy to move and extremely stable. They have flexible hoses at the hinge points and lightweight aluminium tubes in the straight sections. The extraction arm is supplied as standard with a mounting console for wall mounting and connection to a central pipe network. It can optionally be supplied with fans. The extraction arm is available in different diameters, reaches and ventilation capacities, to ensure that there’s a perfect solution for every situation.

For source extraction of dust, smoke and mist

Optionally supplied with their own fan or for connection to central extraction

Reaches from 2.5 to 9 m

Diameters from 100 to 200 mm

Wall-mounted or attached to a mounting column

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M011 Afzuigarm

Extraction arm

for fast, easy and safe extraction of dust and fumes