central filter system

The Moor4C system is a coolant management solution that results in significant cost savings and improves the quality of your workplace environment.

Complete coolant management solution

Complete coolant management solution

Saves on labour costs

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The characters "4C" in Moor4C stand for Compact Central Cleaning Concept. In the system, at each machine reservoir, emulsion is supplied at one side and removed at the other. A pump station for each reservoir keeps the supplied and removed fluid in balance. The return pipe runs to a central filter system, which takes out the solids, while a skimmer removes tramp oil from the fluid. Filtered fluid is ready for re-use and is pumped to a clean fluid buffer tank. Escape losses and evaporation are automatically topped up. Using low-mineral RO water for topping up ensures that the emulsion’s mineral content remains constant.

Operating capacity from 40 l/min to 900 l/min

Efficient, central filtration of emulsion

For constantly high-quality coolants

Fully automatic cleaning

Savings on labour costs

Savings on maintenance

Savings on waste costs, environmentally friendly

Optimal fluid always available


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central filter system