Moor paper belt filters

for optimising fluid streams

The Moor paper belt filter is a fully automatic, continuous filter system for cleaning water, emulsion and oil. A paper belt filter is used for filtration of e.g. coolants, wastewater streams and process fluids, and can be used as a standalone filter or as a central filter system.

Fully automatic, continuous filter system

For cleaning water, emulsion and oil

Standalone filter or central filter system

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The paper belt filter is a system that uses a filter medium, such as non-woven fabric or filter paper. This filter system is used for moderately dirty fluids and for both large and small fluid streams. Moor Filtertechniek’s paper belt filters are compact, available in steel or stainless steel, and can be supplied complete with reservoir, pumps and control box.

Variable pore size from 15 to 500 microns

Capacity from 1 to 100 m³/h

Wide range of applications

Brochure Coolant filtration

Moor paper belt filters

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M009 Moor papierbandfilters

Moor paper belt filters

for optimising fluid streams

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